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The Sycamore Solution

Sycamore Energy has developed a unique product and service called the “Sycamore Solution” which is what separates us from everyone else in the renewable energy world. Sycamore will not install anything that we wouldn’t want to own and operate, so whether the equipment is owned by our customer or Sycamore, the customer is confident in the quality of products and workmanship.

The Sycamore Solution is a combination of;

1) Energy Generation

Creating usable energy for use by your facility, right at the place it is needed. By reducing the distance between generation and consumption, tremendous efficiencies are realized. Sycamore uses only top quality energy generating products to ensure they perform as expected over the life of the equipment.

2) Energy Management

Reducing energy needs is a critical part of reducing overall operating expenses. The first step in reducing energy needs is to perform an energy audit. Sycamore will perform an energy audit free of charge on the condition that the customer implements at least 75% of the energy saving measures described in the audit. Once the energy needs are fully understood through the audit Sycamore will install a wide variety of energy saving technologies, described later in this proposal document.

3) Flexible Financing

Why commit capital to non-core activities? Our customers know their own business best, and diverting precious capital away from activities that drive your business can be challenging. Sycamore will finance all equipment and services installed. This flexible financing is available in 5, 7 or 20 year leasing options.

The Sycamore Commitment

Sycamore is the only company currently offering a 20 year operating lease with no up-front cost. Over the life of the lease the customer pays no maintenance, no insurance, no repair, no replacement, and no set-up fee. Sycamore is so confident that the Sycamore Solution will save you money over 20 years that you only pay on the savings you receive. If the Sycamore Solution does not save you money, you pay nothing.

Current Projects

25kW Micro Wind Install

U.S. Army, USA

2.75kW Hybrid Install

Red River Exhibition, Canada

7.5kW Solar PV

Winnipeg, Canada

6kW Solar PV

Paget, Bermuda


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