Sycamore Energy has been in operation since October 2012, and the executive team has a combined 20 years in the renewable energy space. Sycamore Energy has been focused on delivering exceptional value to customers seeking to off-set or eliminate their exposure to rising grid-tied energy prices. Sycamore is the parent company for a number of related operating entities such as Sycamore Electric and Solar Manitoba.


Solar Manitoba

Solar Manitoba specializes in the retail solar market, installing systems ranging in size from 5kW to 200kW. With a rapidly expanding market share, Solar Manitoba currently has the largest in-house solar installation capacity in Manitoba, Canada.

Sycamore Electric

Sycamore Electric is the electrical division of Sycamore Energy, specializing in both residential and industrial, agricultural and commercial applications. Sycamore Electric is the exclusive electrical provider for Solar Manitoba.